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Why Buy A Mattress Online From Nido

No Nonsense

Avoid overpriced, overhyped, and over complicated mattresses in traditional mattress stores. Stop wasting your weekends testing mattresses in store. 

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Free NZ wide delivery. Free returns if you are not happy with the mattress. 

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Our mattress is designed for the ultimate comfort to allow you to rest up and enjoy life. 

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We sell direct online only to avoid middle man markups. This keeps more money in your pocket and get a premium quality mattress at a fraction of the price of traditional mattress retailers.

The plan to get more sleep

Order a Nido Mattress online > delivered in 1 - 4 days > sleep on it for 100 nights risk free > change your mind and we will pick it up > or keep it an enjoy many years of sound sleep backed up by our 10 year warranty.

How Are Our Customers Sleeping?

"This mattress is so comfortable, it's the best I've ever had. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy one, I'm so glad I didn't buy the overpriced and often uncomfortable ones from bed shops."

"This mattress almost ruined my career. Slept in and was almost late to important job interview ;) Best sleep in a long time!"

"Gives You A Great Sleep! Decided to try this for a full six months before posting a review and I have to say this is a great mattress. As comfortable as the pure latex."

"So hard to get out of bed in the morning."

"The mattress was easy to buy with plenty of info and the ability to return with no questions asked showed that the supplier was confident of their product. I had a lot of trouble sleeping prior to this as I have Fibromyalgia and since I purchased this mattress my sleep has become deeper and more comfortable. The prompt delivery and ability to have customer feedback again shows the professionalism of the team that own the product and sell it. Thank you again for the great customer service."

Buy now pay later

Pay 25% up front and 25% for the next 3 fortnights with Part Pay. 

Buy A Mattress Online In New Zealand

Buy a mattress online from Nido and avoid driving around for endless days to overpriced and over complicated mattress shops. We believe the showroom experience does not allow you to properly test a mattress so we have adopted the online only approach to mattress shopping.

If you buy a mattress online from Nido and we will deliver it for Free in 1-4 days (New Zealand wide). You can then test it out in the comfort of your own bedroom for up to 100 nights! Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

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