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Are You Waking Up With a Sore Back?

Are You Waking Up With a Sore Back?

Are you waking up with a sore back?

It could be that your mattress is sagging or is too soft. The Nido mattress is relatively firm and designed to alleviate backache by promoting good sleep posture, whether you are a back, front or side sleeper.

If you answered Yes, It’s probably time to invest in a better mattress.

But back to that sore back of yours for a moment… I can relate.

About three months ago I was vigorously sweeping water from a rainstorm out of the garage, when suddenly, twing! Something twinged in my mid-back region - ouch! (probably weakness around the spine caused by an old rugby injury, and I didn’t warm up).

I struggled through the rest of the job getting the flood water out of the garage. Walked around gingerly for the next few days, then ended up arranging a few physio sessions. The sessions were ok, mostly massage to help free up the muscles around the painful area near the spine. However, it seemed they weren’t really fixing the problem, just providing temporary relief from the symptoms of the problem.

That’s when I made a fortuitous discovery while reading an email from a fitness guru I subscribe to.

The email mentioned a guy named Dr. Eric Goodman and something called Foundation Training. I jumped on google and youtube and found a bunch of videos. Wanting to get back to normal activity again asap, I tried some of the exercise routines in the videos.

Lo and behold, the results were really good, though the exercises were not easy. [Disclaimer: try these at your own risk! They are a little advanced, so be in tune with your body as you try the various movements, and don’t overdo it. If you have an existing back injury, please check with your medical professional before undertaking any such exercise].

Here’s the video of the Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman (see his other videos too). 


I did the routine shown in this video every day for several weeks. It’s been over two months since then, and this routine has become part of my daily habits. It can be done anytime, anywhere (though you may get a few odd looks if in public - but who cares?). I usually watch (or listen to) the video while performing the routine, though once you become familiar with the movements you can adjust the hold times etc to suit you.

Try out these exercises and feel the benefits. I hope they help get you moving freely again.

Here’s to building a stronger back and a better you!


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