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Are You Waking Up With a Sore Back?

Are You Waking Up With a Sore Back?

Are you waking up with a sore back?

It could be that your mattress is sagging or is too soft. The Nido mattress is relatively firm and designed to alleviate backache by promoting good sleep posture, whether you are a back, front or side sleeper.

If you answered Yes, It’s probably time to invest in a better mattress.

But back to that sore back of yours for a moment… I can relate.

About three months ago I was vigorously sweeping water from a rainstorm out of the garage, when suddenly, twing! Something twinged in my mid-back region - ouch! (probably weakness around the spine caused by an old rugby injury, and I didn’t warm up).

I struggled through the rest of the job getting the flood water out of the garage. Walked around gingerly for the next few days, then ended up arranging a few physio sessions. The sessions were ok, mostly massage to help free up the muscles around the painful area near the spine. However, it seemed they weren’t really fixing the problem, just providing temporary relief from the symptoms of the problem.

That’s when I made a fortuitous discovery while reading an email from a fitness guru I subscribe to.

The email mentioned a guy named Dr. Eric Goodman and something called Foundation Training. I jumped on google and youtube and found a bunch of videos. Wanting to get back to normal activity again asap, I tried some of the exercise routines in the videos.

Lo and behold, the results were really good, though the exercises were not easy. [Disclaimer: try these at your own risk! They are a little advanced, so be in tune with your body as you try the various movements, and don’t overdo it. If you have an existing back injury, please check with your medical professional before undertaking any such exercise].

Here’s the video of the Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman (see his other videos too). 


I did the routine shown in this video every day for several weeks. It’s been over two months since then, and this routine has become part of my daily habits. It can be done anytime, anywhere (though you may get a few odd looks if in public - but who cares?). I usually watch (or listen to) the video while performing the routine, though once you become familiar with the movements you can adjust the hold times etc to suit you.

Try out these exercises and feel the benefits. I hope they help get you moving freely again.

Here’s to building a stronger back and a better you!

Sleep Hacks - Series One

Sleep Hacks - Series One

At Nido we are all about efficiency and effectiveness, and love to find innovative ways to improve sleep (and life in general)!

Here’s a few sleep tips picked up from a recent Tim Ferriss video.

  1. Bedtime Nightcap Cocktail - this one is intriguingly simple. We have long been fans of using Apple Cider Vinegar as a tonic, though until recently I would normally take a splash of it with water first thing in the morning. When I saw Tim Ferriss claiming the following mix could knock you out like a tranquilizer I was more than willing to test it out. It did work pretty well!

* 2T apple cider vinegar

* 1T raw honey

* Add hot water to taste. Knock it back and say Goodnight.

  1. Light Blocking - this one is a no-brainer considering the plethora of information on the topic around the internet. But how many of us actually wear a sleep mask? If you are battling for sleep quality, especially if your sleeping time coincides with some daylight hours, consider giving this remedy a second look. The trick is to find a mask that is both functional and comfortable. Tim Ferriss recommends a brand called Sleep Master, though Amazon states it doesn’t deliver direct to New Zealand. We say, try local kiwi brand Natural State (
  2. Sleep Machine - again, not too many people I know have taken a punt on one of these contraptions. I had been looking online at this Marpac brand for quite some time. The machine itself has a groovy old-school look about it. According to Ferriss, many of the world’s top performers he interviewed for his hit new book “Tools of Titans” are placing specific focus on Sleep Optimisation, and using a sleep machine is one increasingly popular advanced method. Trying anything that may improve one’s sleep experience makes perfect sense to us.

At Nido we love the idea of hacking key performance enablers. And not just sleep, though sleep is probably the best place to start in the quest to improve your overall quality of life. It’s why we chose to launch a better premium mattress as our first product!

We love hacking and experimenting with new and inventive solutions to life’s daily challenges.  Look for regular ideas from us - tips and tricks that you can play around with to help enhance your version of The Good Life.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For You

How To Choose The Best Mattress For You

We all know quality sleep is important if we want to perform at our optimum level and there are many studies that confirm this.  

A recent study by Research Triangle International indicates that the only way to truly know if you’ve found the best mattress for you is to sleep on it! “Results indicate that standard showroom testing does not lead individuals to select the bed that will provide their best sleep…” Nido offers a 100 Night Risk Free Trial on our sleep system, because we strongly believe that sleeping on it in your home is best place to know if it’s right for you. Lying on a bed for a few minutes while the salesperson stares and waits on you is not the ideal environment for making such an important decision. Take the time to test the mattress by the best possible way  - sleeping on it. And not just once, give it a proper test over many nights. After all, purchasing a mattress is a personal decision - so shouldn’t it be made in comfort of your own home? It’s an important investment in your sleep quality which flows on to every aspect of your life.

Another problem with bed showrooms is that there are so many options which makes it much harder to avoid confusion. Perhaps it’s better to do your homework before making a purchase. There are very good resources online to help you compare and contrast. Websites such as Choose Mattress do an excellent job of reviewing the mattress market and making recommendations based on their independent research findings.