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Nido is 100% owned and operated by New Zealanders.

We are an innovative online mattress company with the aim to help New Zealanders achieve a greater quality of life through better sleep. 

Like so many people, we had tried many different mattresses over the years, with varying degrees of successful sleep. We wondered what it would take to find a better solution, and then did something about it.

Our early research identified key problems in both mattress functionality and the mattress shopping experience. We noticed early innovators in the US market coming up with new mattress designs and disrupting the traditional sales model. A light went on! The concept to develop a better mattress tailored for the New Zealand market was born. And by adopting online sales model, we could make buying easy and deliver straight to your home.

We partnered with an innovative mattress manufacturer who was willing to work with us to create the perfect mattress based on our specific requirements.

After considerable time and effort spent testing and gathering feedback, we have developed the optimal combination of premium materials used inside your Nido. The very same premium foam materials used in traditional, far-more-expensive mattresses. The secret to the Nido mattress is each layer working seamlessly with the others in harmonious marriage. The whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.